Tuesday, January 12, 2010


kyo mera dil shad nahi hai...
kyo khamosh raha karti hun...

chodo meri ramkahani...
me jaisi bhi hun ,achi hun...

-faiz ahamad faiz


bashaq na mere sath saff ikhtiyar kar..
ae mere badguman mera aitbar kar..

wah khud titliyon ke liye ghumta raha..
or mujhe khat melikhta raha ,intizar kar..



  1. kis ka hai ye tum ko intazar,.,.,

  2. kis ka hai ye tum ko intazar,.,., MAIN HU NA ;)

  3. well my dear

    as u say u cant understand what love is ....

    but u know what how much u know abt love or u searched abt love yes i agree tht love is enigmatic but if it isnt lyk this thn what is excitment in falling love tell me ....? and really its true tht the 1 we love alot naver love us as much we do ..... but after tht doing the same thing blindly is faithfullness of love and whn love comes it can make your lyf lyk heven or hell also ................

    but this enigma always facinates male n famales too coz if its enigmatic thn its love

    what you think dear tell me your opinion
    n do 1 more faver tell me y its name is LOVE can u explain have u been in wid sm1 or whn u be in love wid your 1 ....n what you think abt tht tell me........... m waiting my dear

  4. i must apriciate your words really the words you have choosen are good n the things u said are realistic so its a intresting thing to read i hope u expend it more so tht we cud knew many things frm you

  5. thanx deepak...

    u r only one who appreciated me a lot ....yups u r right that it can make life heaven or hell...but most probably it makes life heaven....well its my opinion ...:P

    and about why it named love...its also an interesting topic to write something about it...I will definitely try to explain it through an another title...

    but i m really happy that one is waiting for a new topic to read...:P

    i just stopped to write but ur appreciation gave me enthusiasm to do one more dare....:D

    i m just hopping that...it will be good to read...:P

    thanx again...thank u so much...

  6. yup dear m waiting for ur next topic to read

  7. mere hisab se aap kisi ko chahte ho or ye nahi pta kyun sayad yahi pyar hai :-D