Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The most enigmatic divine thing.

First sight ……. loves….

When someone meet with a person and fall in love, at first sight.
But do you ever thought that all first sight love happens  only when the person is like an angel, I mean most beautiful.

Nobody fall in love with an ugly or some less attractive person, in every story one thing is common ,the person is so attractive and the other one felt that he/she has to develop some feelings in the heart of the angel.

Hahaha!!! So do you have a love at first sight story??? If yes then your partner might be very attractive.

But I am not agree with the term love at first sight. I think it happens in school time only, when a very attractive new boy or girl came into the class and every eyes look at him/her, that time everybody(most of all)fall in love with the pretty face. That is only the attraction of someone’s personality.

I believe in love which can happen after knowing each-other, and when we met with the qualities which the person having and it attracts us, we are just fall in love with the person because she/he has the qualities which we want in our partner and its came to know after a long time we spent with the one.

One of my good friends gave me his opinions on it-“It’s a color of the life, it depends on the situations. May be it happens at first sight but I also don’t think so, because love happens when we felt that the person has those qualities which we are expecting from our special one. At first sight, it can not possible to know such qualities.”

I have a story related with the first sight love. When I was in school, that was my first day of high school, I met with a girl who was my classmate, she was the first one who talked with me and after some time became my best friend.
So the story began on the first day end, when she came to me and said “Do you know I am falling in love with somebody…”

I surprised…many questions came into my mind “What??? What are you talking about??? Are you mad??? When it happened???”

I was just shocked when she replied “Do you remember sir asked a funny question and everybody laughed when one boy answered???”

“Yes. I remember that…so???”

“So…when I turned back and saw him, he was looked like an angel with shy smiling face, that time I just felt that I am falling in love with him.”

“I can’t believe, what crap things you are talking, it can not happens at first sight. I think you have to stop these stupid things right now”

But she just smiled and many sparkles came into her dreamy eyes.

The time flied away with wings. But everyday I saw the sparking eyes, when she looked at him.

One day I asked her “When you are going to tell him that you are in love with him???”

Her reply shocked me again “Never…”

I asked with lots of questions in my eyes “Why??? If you love him like this madness, then why you are not go and let him know about it???”

She replied with a sad smile “Because…he love someone else” and some sparkles came out from her eyes, getting the face of tears.

The school time wasn't long. She never told him about her love.

After many years, one day I met her at the street of our town, and the first question came into my mind was, “Hey!!! What happened with your first love???”

“He got his first love…”

“What do you mean??? Please clear, I am curious about it…”

“He is married now…with the girl he loves a lot…”

“Did you ever acknowledged him about your love???”

“No…I haven’t…” She replied slowly.

“Why??? And what about your true love???”

“I still love him… that’s why I can’t marry with another boy…”

I was speechless, and she turned back and I know she had tears in her big and sparking eyes….