Wednesday, March 18, 2015

....and that Enigma happened to me !!!

Love was when…..

When I fall in love, at the same time, all the definitions of love had no significance for me, why? Because then I understood, that every love is different and everyone’s love is different and the experience or the feelings are totally not match with each other’s …
So, in short … for me (only for my feelings), love was when, I first came to know about your actual being , and knowing the facts that you are the only one matching with my expectations , so it fails the theory of first sight love for me, but I also want to confess that yes it was the love at first sight without seeing each other, but seeing the posts online :P
The story will come in next post, but for now I am trying to explore, when I realized that I am also on the boat of pinkish dreams .
Love was when … I first saw your creative posts, your efforts for the colorful culture of Rajasthan, and that was the first quality I always wanted in my life partner. From there to now, that is the only common thing between us, and which we love the most. J
Love was when … we first saw each other and everything got blanked, we even forget where we are and what we are doing, the mind refused to work for a while, love was when I said “we are made for each other” and your reply made me think, that I am the perfect girl for you.
Love was when, you said that you love the way I was, not at all worrying about what I was wearing, how I was behaving, and as I know I was the thinnest girl and even looking like a patient of rehabilitation center, but you loved me not for my appearance but for my inner souls goodness.
Love was when, we were at the Jalmahal one evening, the wind blowing of and you were watching me ,without saying anything you said a lot, and the final parody ...was the three words “ you are beautiful” the way of saying that, made me think that I am the most beautiful girl in the world.
Love was when… we were at EP, watching the full moon, playing hide and seek with clouds, suddenly it was rain all over, we got wet but, we were still sitting there and watching the full moon, and each other.
Love was when… we were at Central park looking for a shed or something because it was a high rain and water everywhere, but haven’t found one, and again enjoyed the rain for next 6 hours, after that your efforts for a cup of tea for me, made me feel that I am so special for you.
Love was when… sitting somewhere and talking, at that moment, everything got faded away all the time, only you and me, nothing else we were able to see. We never said “I love you” to each other but, felt it on every single second spent with each other.
 So, it is the short note about how and when I felt, that I am falling in love with someone special.

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